General English + 5hrs Exam Preparation

Improve your English skills and gain an internationally recognised qualification for work, for university admission or just for personal satisfaction. Course includes 15 hours tuition per week within a General English class plus early morning examination preparation programme.

You can prepare for:

  • Preliminary English Test (PET)
  • Business English Certificate (BEC)
  • First Certificate in English (FCE)
  • Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)
  • Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

We are very pleased to have achieved 100% exam pass rate in FCE, CAE & CPE in 2014, 2015 & 2016!

We encourage students to participate in our afternoon activities, as one of the biggest advantages of studying an English language course in the UK is the opportunity to practice conversational English every day with those around you.

Content: Learn to speak and write more fluently. Develop your reading and listening skills. Improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Use better learning techniques. Receive exam training and guidance. Practise with past papers.

Tuition: 25 lessons (20 hours per week)

Min age: 16

Levels: Intermediate – Advanced

Max class size: 12

Duration: 10 – 15 weeks


2017 Exam Dates

The dates below offer ideal start dates but it is possible to start a little before or a little after these dates and still join the exam classes.

FCE Short Course Duration Exam Date
9 January 8 weeks 4 March
27 March 11 weeks 6 June
12 June 11 weeks 24 Aug
25 September 11 weeks 9 Dec


FCE Long Course Duration Exam Date
6 March 14 weeks 6 June
29 August 15 weeks 9 December


CAE Short Course Duration Exam Date
9 January 9 weeks 11 March
27 March 11 weeks 7 June
12 June 11 weeks 25 August
25 September 11 weeks 9 December


CAE Long Course Duration Exam Date
6 March 14 weeks 7 June
29 August 15 weeks 9 December


CPE Short Course Duration Exam Date
27 March 11 weeks 8 June
25 September 10 weeks 30 November


CPE Long Course Duration Exam Date
6 March 14 weeks 8 June
29 August 14 weeks 30 November


  • On ten week courses FCE candidates should be at good CEFR B1 level; CAE candidates at CEFR B2 level; CPE candidates at CEFR C1 level at the start of the course.
  • For students not quite at those levels we suggest our 15 week course.

Tuition Fees:
Price per week

1 – 11 weeks £260
(£285 – 19 June – 25 August)
12 – 23 weeks £240
24 weeks + £220
16 & 17 year-olds £295
(£330 – 19 June – 25 August)

Fees Include:

  • Tuition
  • Early morning examination preparation programme
  • Optional afternoon programme of sports activities, cultural studies, bible studies
  • Use of self-study facilities
  • Welcome pack with maps and handbook
  • Placement test
  • Leavers certificate
  • Free access to email, internet and WI-FI


  • Add registration fee of £80
  • The cost of the first set of course books is included in the registration fee. Students on longer course will have the cost of additional course books added to their initial invoice. The cost is approximately £50 every eight weeks.
  • An additional Exam Entry Fee (approximately £140) is payable when you enrol for an exam. The school will advise you on the most suitable examination for you; we reserve the right not to enter students for exams which we feel are not appropriate.
  • During the busiest part of the summer your classes may be taught from a building other than Bridge House
  • The school is closed on the following dates:
    UK public holidays:
    14 April, 17 April, 1 May, 29 May, 28 August 2017
    Christmas break:
    16 December 2017 – 8 January 2018